Full Kitchen Remodel

Increase the Value of Your Home With a Full Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are truly the heart of the home. They create a space where meals are cooked and families and friends gather to mingle. Therefore, the ambience of this room has a huge impact on the value of your house. The dedicated kitchen remodeling contractors at Upstate Remodeling & Construction will help you transform your kitchen and dining room on time and within your budget.

Custom Kitchen Design

We pride ourselves on innovative function design. To do this, we modify common household structures for added safety and convenience. Some customizations we’ve designed in the past include pop up countertop outlets, fold away cutting boards, sliding cabinet shelving, and built-in cabinets and appliances. Many of these designs come in handy for families with small children or a lack of space.

If you find yourself leaning toward the popular rustic farmhouse look, don’t forget to check out our article on Farmhouse Style Kitchen Remodels.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Refacing your cabinets is a great way to create more storage space and add value to your house. Cabinets should definitely be high on your priority list. As custom cabinet builders, we can help you enhance your storage space with designs that will add more charm to your interior design. Upgrading and adding new built-in wall cabinets is not too expensive and will make your kitchen much more functional and appealing.


Countertops give the kitchen its personality and also defines its ambience, so you want the job done right. As experienced custom home builders, we always advise our clients to choose the best, which includes quartz, concrete, stainless steel, and laminate. Quartz is a powerful material made with resins and minerals. Also, it exudes a powerful charm with a natural stone-like texture that doesn’t scratch and always looks pristine. It is the perfect blend between sleek and minimalist concrete and an exotic traditional stone.


A well done backsplash is one of the most functional and attractive elements of a kitchen. If you use strong, contrasting colors, it will certainly transform your kitchen into the exciting “heart of the home” it was always meant to be.

You can choose from multiple materials and textures. For instance, ceramic, stainless steel, walnut wood, metal, and tiles. We can even a paint or install a dry erase board, so your family can to write notes to each other. A colorful backsplash with an appealing texture is a simple and effective way to boost your kitchen’s visual appeal.

Painting & Trim

A full kitchen remodel is simply incomplete without a smooth paint job. You can repaint your entire kitchen without going overboard on your budget. Our team of experienced remodelers will help you choose color schemes and textures to repaint your kitchen cabinets, shelves, doors, trim and more.

If you really want to add bold character to your kitchen, we recommend playing with patterns. A little floral, geometric or vintage trim or decor can go a long way. Using patterns on the walls, shelves, or cabinets will certainly give your kitchen a powerful personality.

Light Fixtures

As experienced kitchen and bath remodeling contractors, we often advise clients to consider investing in decorative lighting fixtures. Small changes like this can complete a kitchen design at a low cost. You can choose your light fixtures from a wide range of choices. For instance, you can select fancy chandeliers, rustic lighting pieces, or even sleek chrome lighting fixtures. Adding more lighting is always a great strategy to make the kitchen cozy, welcoming and impressive.