Fine Finish Carpentry

Custom Carpentry to Suit Your Tastes

At Upstate Remodeling & Construction, we strongly believe that apart from its aesthetic appeal, a house must be versatile and functional, along with being reflective of the needs and lifestyle of its owners. If you want more space, or seek you install a baseboard that adds value to your interior, our custom home builders will make sure your vision is translated into reality.

Staircases & Railings

As experienced custom home builders, we are highly accustomed to designing stairs that are clients believe with add maximum value to their house. While some clients like traditional staircases built with fine quality wood, others believe in minimalist designs in iron rot and steel.

But clients who really have our respect are those who seek to use every space efficiently and attach a purpose to it. For instance, adding storage space to the stairs is a wonderful idea to make it more useful for the family. With our high-end fine finish carpentry services, we can help you create a bookshelf, a mini-living room library or even storage space for decoration and more. 

Baseboards & Trim

Baseboards are one of the most important features of any given house. Also referred to as a mopboard or more popularly as floor molding, its main job is to protect the lowest part of your wall from mold and damage. However, baseboards also present a great opportunity to spruce up your home with classy surfaces and textures.

Of course, trim is just as important. Whether you decide on a simple wood finish or a more lively plaster molding, Upstate Remodeling & Construction will make sure it’s done right. Our fine finish carpentry specialists pay special attention to prevent gaps and ensure any cracks are subtly sealed.

Many homeowners request vinyl boards and other materials to cut costs, but as experienced home construction contractors, we strongly advise all our clients to invest in well crafted wooden baseboards that will endure the test of time.

Decorative Paneling

Wainscoting is a staple of many modern, upscale, and vintage homes. Here are a few reasons you may consider wainscoting:

  1. Accent your walls.
  2. Provide extra insulation.
  3. Prevent damage.
  4. Cover up existing damage.

If you’d rather focus your budget elsewhere, consider beadboard instead. It is commonly found in bathrooms, but it can be used in almost any room. Best of all, there are plenty of materials to choose from, the most popular being MDF, wood, and vinyl. This could be a fairly easy do-it-yourself project for those who are so inclined, but we’re happy to knock it out for you, too.