Custom Home Builders

Make your Dream Home A Reality

Building a home from the ground up is a process that requires months of planning, design, scrutiny, and finally, the construction process. Each step involves a series of challenges and requirements of its own. As experienced and dynamic custom home builders, we seek to create nothing less than the perfect home for you and your family.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

At Upstate Remodeling & Construction, we are capable of identifying and comprehending the vision of our clients, and cementing it into reality. All homeowners have a vision of their dream house, and they need to partner up with a reliable and dynamic team of custom home builders who can understand their vision in all its entirety.

As experienced home construction contractors, we give great importance to client-contractor partnership and we believe in multiple sessions to make sure we truly comprehend the vision of the homeowners we chose to work with. Your vision will inspire us to create a design in accordance with your needs and desires.

Custom Home Design

The designing phase involves sitting down with the clients and marks the very first phase of etching their dreams into a beautiful reality. Whether our clients want a kitchen cabinet remodel, built in wall cabinets, a spiral staircase, decks and pergolas-we make sure that every aspect of their dream house is well incorporated into the design. By creating a design ahead of time, we are able to identify the elements that are most significant to you and your family.

Once the design is finalized, we hope to provide a full picture of your dream. Then, we can modify and make changes as you see fit. Our team of experienced and dynamic home construction contractors work closely with you to make sure everything is seamless and just the way you want it to be. Nothing moves forward without approval.

Of course, you didn’t hire a custom home builder just to think it all up yourself. At Upstate Remodeling & Construction, we pride ourselves on truly unique design and unmatched quality of work. Our project lead has used CAD to draft many intricate and detailed blueprints, including those of his own home. From child-proof safety features to convenient hide away storage spaces, we’ll make sure all the fine details are taken care of.

Building your Dream Home

New home construction requires constant diligence and monitoring. Our powerful team of custom home builders consider every step of the process, from start to finish. We only use our own crew and every project is managed and overseen by the owner, Jason Eaton. Building houses is a passion that consumes us and inspires us, as it allows us to be a part of a much greater purpose: carving out dreams with brick and mortar.

From fine finish carpentry, to built in wall cabinets, and much more, we make sure that there is a specialized and skillful professional for every single job, including custom cabinet builders, deck builders and more. Working with Upstate Remodeling & Construction allows homeowners to rest assured that their property is in safe hands.

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