Bathtub and Shower Remodel

Inspirations for an Impressive Bathtub and Shower Remodel

As one of the most trusted kitchen and bath remodeling companies, Upstate Remodeling & Construction strives to stay abreast of raging décor trends. Of course, we do so while respecting and enacting our client’s desires and requirements.


We believe that a bathroom is a very special and personal space that allows us to prepare for and recharge after an eventful day. Naturally, this space must be a comfort zone where you can leave behind all the stressors, and immerse yourself in self-pampering. In this article, we will walk you through some exciting ideas for a bathtub and shower remodel, along with introducing trends that are all the rage in the bathroom interiors arena.

White & Organic

Many of our clients are attracted to white, modern and sleek spaces, but they also want to give their bathroom spaces a homely and comfortable, farmhouse style appeal. We believe that white and modern lines can be incorporated with an organic appeal by accentuating clean lines, adding continuous flooring and wall tiles. A few organic elements, such as wooden cabinets, indoor plants, and rustic mirrors, etc. will work wonders at transforming the space entirely.

The Classic Powder Room

A powder room may be a thing of the past, but it is still very much en vogue because of its luxury, opulence and glamour. You see, a powder room adds an element of luxury and vintage glam to one’s bathroom design, alongside creating a personal space where you can shut out everything and everyone and just pamper yourself.


You can create a dark and bold powder room with daring hues like black and red, and deck it up with wall décor and wall art, quotes etc. Or you can give it a voguish Hollywood style-charm with white accents, fur rugs, gold fixtures and more.

Play with Pebbles

Pebble tiles are an exciting and fun way to transform your bathroom design, and it is truly an amazing idea for a bathtub and shower remodel. You can play up the bathroom tiling with an arrangement of exotic pebbles, giving your bathroom a beach-like ambience.

Mirrors & Patterns

As trusted and experienced kitchen and bath remodeling companies, we cater to a wide range of clients, some who want to invest in opulence, and some who want budget-friendly renovations. Mirrors and patterns are one of the simplest and least expensive tricks for an impressive bathtub and shower remodel. A mirror can work wonders in a small-sized bathroom as it will make the space look charming and spacious, while patterns add color and character.