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Inspiration & Ideas for a Personalized Bathroom Remodel

Are you looking for inspiration for a bold and vibrant bathroom that is decorated to suit the needs and tastes of you and your family? As one of the top bathroom remodel companies, we have plenty of advice to share when it comes to budget friendly techniques and inspiration that will win the approval of your spouse, children, and guests alike.

After years of work with families of all shapes and sizes, Upstate Remodeling & Construction is ready to bring fresh ideas to your home. However, there are a few staples which we would be remiss to leave out. Here, we have compiled a list of key elements for a unique bathroom remodel that will add a functional and stylish flare to your private space.

Patterns & Textures

Quirky patterns and eclectic textures are a great way to add a powerful dose of energy to a master bathroom. When it comes to bath remodeling, putting up photos and adding patterns instead of basic wall paint can really work wonders and completely transform the look.

We can mix up a combination of timeless patterns and textures to jazz up the space and suit the aesthetics of your home. Adding textured or patterned tiles is another feature that has bold staying power. Painted baseboards and backsplash tiles make the space feel more open and comfortable, too.

A Large Mirror

Hang a huge wall mirror will create the illusion of spaciousness, while creating a luxurious opulence. It is the ideal solution for a small bathroom remodel. You can pick out a large frame with rose gold accents to exude an ultra-luxe appeal.

A mirror can also add practical storage space to smaller bathrooms. For instance, we can design built in wall cabinets and shelves for organizing hair products, makeup, jewelry, and more.

Lighting that Pops!

Adding signature lighting pieces with popular color palettes, such as gold, pink and yellow will give off a powerful energy. You can use an overhead light or strings of pendant lights or bottle lights. Lastly, install an overhead vanity fixture with white light bulbs to bring out your truest skin tones, so you can apply your makeup like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe.

Wall Art

Children and teenagers feel more confident with a sense of ownership. If you want to create a personalized bathroom space that your family will grow to love, allow them to choose their own wall art and features. From graffiti, favorite pop singers and movie stars, to their icons, and even photos of themselves, a bathroom designed with your kids in mind always looks terrific!

Natural Accents

If you are eco-friendly or find yourself drawn toward earthy tones and natural beauty, here is a terrific inspiration for a bathtub and shower remodel. The idea is to beautify the bathroom with natural elements. You can start by strategically placing planters and little pots carrying indoor plants to add greenery and color. Add bamboo baskets, macramé planters, hand-woven towel bins, and other handcrafted products to strengthen the down to Earth look and feel.