Kitchen Remodel with Farmhouse Style Accents

At Upstate Remodeling & Construction, we have helped countless homeowners give their kitchen a homey and impressive rustic appeal with a farmhouse style-full kitchen remodel. We can help you create this kitchen design with several statement worthy pieces.

Here are some ideas to add a rustic farmhouse style charm to your kitchen:

Wooden Shelves

One of the simplest strategies to give your kitchen design a farmhouse inspired makeover is to replace some of the kitchen cabinets with exotic wooden shelves. This is a trick that can be implemented in two different ways, as per your budget requirements. You can choose between a full kitchen remodel with wooden cabinets in addition to shelving, or for a small kitchen remodel, add kitchen shelves to your existing cabinetry.

Rustic Accents

Stained, reclaimed, and distressed woods are powerful elements of a farmhouse style kitchen design. As experienced kitchen and bath contractors, we can inspire you with an extensive range of variety to add rustic elements that are appealing and functional. One element is floating shelves, these look amazing and give your kitchen a bohemian-style eclectic appeal. But they also provide storage space, along with being cost-effective.

Live-edge shelves, slabs of wood used to make a kitchen dining table, and uncultured wood with visible bark will give your kitchen the comforting and homely appeal, like a day out on the farm. Our team of experienced remodelers will help you design a full kitchen remodel with worthy rustic statement pieces.

Farmhouse Color Palettes

Designing farmhouse full kitchen remodel doesn’t require you to follow a standard set of rules, however, the most popular color that we have played around with include natural wood accents mixed with tons of white and black. Kitchen islands designed with fine quality walnut wood, white quartz countertops and dark shaker cabinets will create an impressive space.