Home Theatre: The Most Exciting Room in Your House

A home theatre is the perfect entertainment center to finish up your family’s weekly bucket list of movies and TV shows. It will make sure that a regular bout of Netflix and chill becomes a luxurious and fulfilling experience. A big screen and a powerful sound system is the perfect excuse to throw a party to watch the football match, or even a movie screening. You can create a home theatre in multiple different spaces in your house, be it outdoors or indoors.

In this article, our experienced and dynamic team of home construction contractors have put together a list of exciting ideas to build a home theatre.

Living Room

A state-of-the-art living room home theatre would require a 75-inch Smart TV, latest sound system, surround-sound speakers and more technical equipment. Be sure to power the set up with a super-fast WiFi system that ensures high-speed streaming and supports superior picture quality.

Our creative custom cabinet builders can help you design built-in wall cabinets to create an artful interior and storage space for the speakers and additional equipment. Our efficient designs will help you avoid the ugly clutter of wires and give the home theatre a charming appearance.

Outdoor Theatre

Cinema addicts who adore throwing movie nights can benefit from this splendid idea: create a lovely outdoor setting for a home theatre in your backyard. You can renovate the space in over a hundred exciting different ways, and our dynamic team of home construction contracts will present you with a plethora of ideas.

Our deck builders can help you create a majestic pergola that will be aesthetically pleasing and functional against weather hazards. You can even create a canopy of lights and fill up the space with vibrant furniture. A projector should do the trick for a budget friendly investment.


Basements are the perfect space to create a home theatre or an entertainment center, and this is an idea that we always recommend to clients who are hardcore sports fanatics and want to watch the game on multiple screens.

A basement will give you all the privacy you need, and a sizeable television screen with an in-built ceiling surround sound system would turn the space into the most exciting spot in your house. Our custom cabinet builders will help you create a striking display of built in wall cabinets to store up the media devices, cable boxes and more.