Choosing the Perfect Colors for Each Room in Your Home

Picking out color schemes for each and every room can be a difficult and time-consuming challenge, because the paint on the walls and the color of the furniture cannot be changed day after day. You must be fretting about making the right choices, but rest assured, our team of dynamic home construction contractors has got you covered on all fronts.

Here, take a look at these exciting color schemes:

Go Blue in the Kitchen

The interior décor industry is obsessed with the color blue, and when you add it to your kitchen, it truly cements the wow factor. Blue paint can give your kitchen a powerful transformation, and you can add it to the interior in more ways than one. An exotic blue cooking space is a powerful inclusion that will work wonders at making your house more lively and inventive. If you don’t want to go all out blue, you can create white walls and contrast them with blue built-in wall cabinets.

Dress the Living Room in Purple & Pink

Living room spaces should be warm, and yet, they should also be lively and eclectic. Any traditional space, be it a farmhouse or an opulently styled Upper East Side apartment, comes to life with a blend of purple and pink hues. Since the living room is the primary lounging space in any house, it is always a great idea to give it a dramatic vibrancy and a tasteful blend of playful colors.

Pale Peach, Blue & Green in the Bedroom

A trendy new color scheme for bedrooms revolves around the idea of avoiding bold colors and rich textures to make bedrooms more appealing and soothing. Given our experience as home construction contractors with a wide client base, we have observed that homeowners prefer subdued and pale color palettes for their bedrooms. Color schemes involving subdued and pale shades of peach, pink, jade, green and blue are perfect to create a tasteful and inviting bedroom.

Green in the Dining Room

Dining rooms with rich and dramatic green accents are all the rage this season, and our team of dynamic custom home builders can introduce you to the most charming inspirations to incorporate it. Dark and bold shades of green with black, gold and rich earthly tones of wood make the perfect dining space that will attract compliments and look appealing. You can add the greenery through plants, pots, vines and even green paint, or furniture. The opportunities and ideas are endless.