Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Transforming your kitchen space can be an exciting endeavor with the help of a professional home improvement company. In this article, we will walk you through some remodel ideas that will add value to your house without tapping into the rainy day fund. We have picked out several ideas that will help you add more storage space, enhance the visual appeal, and add more color to one of the most important rooms in your house.

Color Transformation

Colors are the spice of life, and when it comes to the kitchen, transforming the color scheme will bring about a dramatic change. As custom home builders, we always advise our clients to undertake strategies that are budget-friendly and add value superior value to their house. Paint does not cost much, and it can give your kitchen a spectacular effort. You can choose all-white and creamy color combination for a more traditional look, or you can pick out neutral shades for a more relaxed and laid back vibe.

Built In Bar

A built-in bar in the kitchen has emerged as one of the most popular trends in the industry. As experienced custom home builders, we can assist our clients in constructing a bar with a budget-friendly approach, and a no-expenses-spared luxurious approach. From liquor working taps to chromed railings and much more. Your bar should convey your personal style and preferences, and would be an excellent addition for families who like to entertain friends and throw parties.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Homeowners have always believed that the word remodeling denotes hundreds of dollars’ worth of expenses, but at Upstate Remodeling & Construction, our extensive experience as kitchen and bath contractors has taught us that redesigning is all about tweaking aesthetics and introducing new accents, colors and textures.

Mirrors are by far the simplest and least expensive way to add beauty and charm to any room. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, mirrors can truly transform a space by creating an impression of spaciousness with a modern luxe appeal. You can add a rustic mirror to your farmhouse style kitchen design, or perhaps a sleek mirror beside the kitchen cabinets.

Play Up the Lighting

Another budget-friendly and striking inspiration for a full kitchen remodel is to play up the lighting and transform your kitchen design with an exciting new ambience. You can add a plethora of lights and lighting fixtures that can transform your kitchen space with accents that will make your kitchen a place to linger around and enjoy meals with your family.

You can create a small and homely seating arrangement and deck it up with exotic or sleek lighting fixtures, as per your preferences for your kitchen design. Majority of our clients largely chose between rustic farmhouse accents and a modern, sleek kitchen, and our team of kitchen and bath contractors will help you turn your dreams into a reality.

Chrome Accents

URC remodeling experts can elevate the statement of your kitchen by installing chrome fixtures, including a new kitchen sink, cabinet handles, and doorknobs. Faucet and cabinet handles may seem unimportant and ordinary, but chrome faucets and accents can truly transform the look of your kitchen design, adding more charm and opulence to your full kitchen remodel plan.

Choosing the Perfect Colors for Each Room in Your Home

Picking out color schemes for each and every room can be a difficult and time-consuming challenge, because the paint on the walls and the color of the furniture cannot be changed day after day. You must be fretting about making the right choices, but rest assured, our team of dynamic home construction contractors has got you covered on all fronts.

Here, take a look at these exciting color schemes:

Go Blue in the Kitchen

The interior décor industry is obsessed with the color blue, and when you add it to your kitchen, it truly cements the wow factor. Blue paint can give your kitchen a powerful transformation, and you can add it to the interior in more ways than one. An exotic blue cooking space is a powerful inclusion that will work wonders at making your house more lively and inventive. If you don’t want to go all out blue, you can create white walls and contrast them with blue built-in wall cabinets.

Dress the Living Room in Purple & Pink

Living room spaces should be warm, and yet, they should also be lively and eclectic. Any traditional space, be it a farmhouse or an opulently styled Upper East Side apartment, comes to life with a blend of purple and pink hues. Since the living room is the primary lounging space in any house, it is always a great idea to give it a dramatic vibrancy and a tasteful blend of playful colors.

Pale Peach, Blue & Green in the Bedroom

A trendy new color scheme for bedrooms revolves around the idea of avoiding bold colors and rich textures to make bedrooms more appealing and soothing. Given our experience as home construction contractors with a wide client base, we have observed that homeowners prefer subdued and pale color palettes for their bedrooms. Color schemes involving subdued and pale shades of peach, pink, jade, green and blue are perfect to create a tasteful and inviting bedroom.

Green in the Dining Room

Dining rooms with rich and dramatic green accents are all the rage this season, and our team of dynamic custom home builders can introduce you to the most charming inspirations to incorporate it. Dark and bold shades of green with black, gold and rich earthly tones of wood make the perfect dining space that will attract compliments and look appealing. You can add the greenery through plants, pots, vines and even green paint, or furniture. The opportunities and ideas are endless.

Home Theatre: The Most Exciting Room in Your House

A home theatre is the perfect entertainment center to finish up your family’s weekly bucket list of movies and TV shows. It will make sure that a regular bout of Netflix and chill becomes a luxurious and fulfilling experience. A big screen and a powerful sound system is the perfect excuse to throw a party to watch the football match, or even a movie screening. You can create a home theatre in multiple different spaces in your house, be it outdoors or indoors.

In this article, our experienced and dynamic team of home construction contractors have put together a list of exciting ideas to build a home theatre.

Living Room

A state-of-the-art living room home theatre would require a 75-inch Smart TV, latest sound system, surround-sound speakers and more technical equipment. Be sure to power the set up with a super-fast WiFi system that ensures high-speed streaming and supports superior picture quality.

Our creative custom cabinet builders can help you design built-in wall cabinets to create an artful interior and storage space for the speakers and additional equipment. Our efficient designs will help you avoid the ugly clutter of wires and give the home theatre a charming appearance.

Outdoor Theatre

Cinema addicts who adore throwing movie nights can benefit from this splendid idea: create a lovely outdoor setting for a home theatre in your backyard. You can renovate the space in over a hundred exciting different ways, and our dynamic team of home construction contracts will present you with a plethora of ideas.

Our deck builders can help you create a majestic pergola that will be aesthetically pleasing and functional against weather hazards. You can even create a canopy of lights and fill up the space with vibrant furniture. A projector should do the trick for a budget friendly investment.


Basements are the perfect space to create a home theatre or an entertainment center, and this is an idea that we always recommend to clients who are hardcore sports fanatics and want to watch the game on multiple screens.

A basement will give you all the privacy you need, and a sizeable television screen with an in-built ceiling surround sound system would turn the space into the most exciting spot in your house. Our custom cabinet builders will help you create a striking display of built in wall cabinets to store up the media devices, cable boxes and more.

Kitchen Remodel with Farmhouse Style Accents

At Upstate Remodeling & Construction, we have helped countless homeowners give their kitchen a homey and impressive rustic appeal with a farmhouse style-full kitchen remodel. We can help you create this kitchen design with several statement worthy pieces.

Here are some ideas to add a rustic farmhouse style charm to your kitchen:

Wooden Shelves

One of the simplest strategies to give your kitchen design a farmhouse inspired makeover is to replace some of the kitchen cabinets with exotic wooden shelves. This is a trick that can be implemented in two different ways, as per your budget requirements. You can choose between a full kitchen remodel with wooden cabinets in addition to shelving, or for a small kitchen remodel, add kitchen shelves to your existing cabinetry.

Rustic Accents

Stained, reclaimed, and distressed woods are powerful elements of a farmhouse style kitchen design. As experienced kitchen and bath contractors, we can inspire you with an extensive range of variety to add rustic elements that are appealing and functional. One element is floating shelves, these look amazing and give your kitchen a bohemian-style eclectic appeal. But they also provide storage space, along with being cost-effective.

Live-edge shelves, slabs of wood used to make a kitchen dining table, and uncultured wood with visible bark will give your kitchen the comforting and homely appeal, like a day out on the farm. Our team of experienced remodelers will help you design a full kitchen remodel with worthy rustic statement pieces.

Farmhouse Color Palettes

Designing farmhouse full kitchen remodel doesn’t require you to follow a standard set of rules, however, the most popular color that we have played around with include natural wood accents mixed with tons of white and black. Kitchen islands designed with fine quality walnut wood, white quartz countertops and dark shaker cabinets will create an impressive space.